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Data / Solution Architect

We are looking for a person taking care of all data for Retail customers. You have opportunity to build logical data model, keep eyes on its lifecycle and adapt it to new technologies or customers’ needs.

Data/Solution Architect must know what kind of data are used by clients and how we process them in IT applications. Especially how data are treated in Business Intelligence (BI) environment – data warehouse, ETL process, reports, other data sources.

You need to consider operational processes and forsee technical evolution in your designs in order to optimize effiency and quality of the respective component. In your designs you work along a strategic roadmap considering mid & long term target architecture and planned capabilities. You will often communicate with clients (internal customers) to recognize their needs, analyse them with IT analytics, demonstrate partially to IT people how clients' needs can be fullfilled and compose relevant solution and present it to client.

We are running SAP ERP system with specifically custom developed parts for innogy processes reflected Czech energy law and regulator. Customers are handled in CRM applications (for B2C and B2B customers) strongly integrated to our main ERP system and other application within innogy. Our consultants (internal or external) are working with the internal innogy clients (Marketing, Customer Services) usually on proposals for process improvements, solution proposals, design, development, testing, deployment, documentation and hot run support. Part of each solution is integration within ERP system and to other external systems (inside innogy or outside innogy) with strong focus on all data aspects and Business Intelligence tools that might be useful for internal clients.

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Full-time work

innogy Česká republika, a.s.

Limuzská 3135 / 12 - 108 00 Praha

Data / Solution Architect

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Place of Work:

  • Prague

Start Day:

  • July 2018

Job description:

  • Designs authority for functional and technical architecture with focus on Business Intelligence (BI) and data architecture
  • Overlooking all changes in a way of using information, adding new data sources or changing existing sources to match with client expectation
  • Drives implementation of future capabilities and target architecture
  • Guides implementation of systems and components
  • Defines and implements Standardization roadmap
  • Implements Service Architecture & Portfolio
  • Supervises technical compliance, understands technical implications
  • Follows and enforces Rules & Policies + Adjust data governance model
  • Understands the Business Roadmap and the interdependencies of the projects; Strongly interacts with Project Managers
  • Drives technical innovation and recommends BI tools and technologies for specific customers’ requirements
  • Monitors and approves project documentation related to BI and contributes to BI analysis of requirements

Example of future project description:

  • Project „innogy-NewCom” is running from Dec-2016 till March-2017 in Prague and is based on introducing new commodity (not gas, not electricity, not mobile, but completely new). This commodity is from financial area and we have to use our existing capabilities (CRM and ERP modules) to fulfill client’s requirement and respect other customer processes in order not to change them just because of new commodity. But we know, that there are some market specifics in opposite to utility segment - especially in area of Payments & Receivables (FI-CA), Enforcing of payments, Communication with banks, integration with Billing and FI module (innogy Accounting) and a lot of data around...

Other requirements:

  • Excellent analytical skills with rational outcome
  • Delivery orientation is a must (it is not architecture on a paper)
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, be able to work in matrix leading teams
  • Broadly experienced in ERP system design & development
  • Experienced in data modelling and database design, data management (lifecycle) and reporting tools as well as knowledge of emerging technmologies
  • Knowledge of processes in utility sector and its interpretation in SAP environment is advantage
  • Self-driven ability, organizational and negotiation ability to agree with others on the right solution and show the way "how"
  • Presentation skills (not PowerPoint, but rather ability to explain solution to our clients and use it for education of other colleagues in relaxed way)
  • Familiar with Czech law and regulatory

We Offer:

  • Opportunity to work with new technologies, concepts on interesting projects
  • Be a member of an international team of successful people
  • Flexibility in both, time and workplace
  • Nice colleagues and pleasant atmosphere